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Mr. Cope was very respectful & helpful towards us. He proceeded with my case quickly without any delay ... . Mr. Cope is a very efficient lawyer. He knows his work very well.

– Tayyaba Ali

I am very pleased that Mr. Cope is very helpful and patient. He is very understanding and helpful in explaining the situation.

– Former Client

The two employees I had at my business were not wanting to work with me after my husband died. They refused to give me information needed. ... Mr. Cope knows how a client should deal with any business problem and guides you in the right direction. I would highly recommend Mr. Cope to anyone.

– Linda Burtin Meirick, Cutter Industries

Why did I hire Jack Cope to be our Lawyer????

When I started my career with my company, there quickly came a time that legal services were needed. There is a lot I didn't know about employment law and its constant changes. Jack taught me the things I needed to know, so costly mistakes would not be made. When new issues came up, a phone call was all that was needed to get prepared. We went to employment court a few times, but were undefeated. Jack always took the time to help in all matters. He is a great teacher, lawyer, and became a good friend. I highly recommend him; he will not let you down.

– Jackie Semon, Vice President, Central Communications

When I came to Mr. Cope I was looking for an attorney that was capable of directing me on how to set up my corporation so that I may be able to obtain government licensing and contracts. lt was very important to have an attorney that would be able to explain the process in way that I could understand. Mr. Cope was able to help me understand the process and more. When I first started my business I made the mistake of choosing an attorney over price instead of knowledge and experience. Mr. Cope was able to help me fix these mistakes and understand why I needed to. After working with Mr. Cope for many months and continuing to use him for my business needs I would recommend any business to use him for their consulting and legal necessities.

– Rachel Smith, President, A.T. Urban Development

Mr. Cope told me how he thought the judge in the divorce would see this and he was right. I would recommend him to anyone getting a divorce.

– T.R., Former Client

Note sent to my assistant:  Please let Jack know that I'm sitting here thinking about his impactful words of wisdom and that I appreciate his willingness to level with me in a way that was dignified and didn't leave me feeling stupid about myself.  Although this is very scary and emotional for all of us, we believe we are very fortunate to have him on our side.

– J.H., Child Custody Client

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