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War Stories

Sexual Misconduct and Child Custody

Jack’s Corner:  There is an old family law saying: “A mother can be a prostitute and, also, a fit parent so long as her children aren’t affected by her profession.”  A judge will generally find that sexual misconduct does not make a par…
Categories: Child Custody

Commercial Real Estate Leases in Litigation: Landlords Beware

Typical Springfield, Missouri, litigation related to commercial real estate leases goes like this. The tenant, known as the lessee, has signed a long-term lease with the owner of commercial real estate. The owner is typically known as the landlord o…
Categories: Real Estate

Home Schooling Impact on Child Custody

Jack’s Corner:  Often, a home schooling parent fears that a judge will deny the parent custody of the child simply because the parent is home schooling the child. Not infrequently, the fact that a child is being home schooled is stated by the…
Categories: Child Custody

Cohabitation, Living with a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Jack’s Corner:  Cohabitation generally means living with an unrelated person, often a boyfriend or girlfriend. A judge can consider cohabitation when awarding child custody to a parent. For a judge to find cohabitation is sufficient reason to…
Categories: Child Custody

The Truth About Truthful Testimony in Child Custody Cases

Presenting a believable client to a judge is important in every divorce. As part of my trial preparation, I explain to my client how the client should present his or her testimony in a divorce. I explain that the judge wants to hear facts, not opini…

Skyscrapers, Rusted Girders, Politics, and the Model Business Corporation Act

Corporation statutes have been described as “towering skyscrapers of rusted girders, internally welded together and containing nothing by wind.”—Bayless Manning, The Shareholder’s Appraisal Remedy: An Essay for Frank Coker, 72 YAL…
Categories: Business Law, Litigation

Business Law is Like Sex

For many years, I spoke for The Missouri Bar at attorney seminars about corporate and business law, in general, and limited liability company law, in particular. Often I would start by saying, “Business law is like sex—most lawyers think that…
Categories: Business Law, Litigation

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