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When choosing an attorney, especially for something as deeply personal and high-stakes as a family law matter, or as critical to your livelihood as litigation regarding your business, you want to be sure you're making the best choice.

Depending on your legal and personal circumstances, you may have different needs than your cousin, neighbor, friend or colleague. Yet there are some things that nearly everyone wants and needs from their legal representation, and at Cope Litigation & Transactions LC, we provide them.


Experience can't be bought—only earned. We have over thirty years of experience with Missouri divorce and family law, business and real estate matters. Especially when those areas of the law intersect, such as in a high net worth divorce involving a family-owned business, we have a depth of knowledge and experience that few others can offer. Attorney Jack Cope's business background, combined with his decades of practice in divorce and business law, make him a powerful advocate for you—and a formidable opponent to your opposing party.

Reassurance and Empowerment

For most people, the legal process is intimidating. This is especially true when you are in the midst of a divorce that will have a tremendous emotional, social, and financial impact on your life. In the middle of a legal crisis, it's hard to be your best self. We're not here to judge; we're here to help.

We believe the best antidote to fear is knowledge. We are straightforward with you about the details, including the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We help you understand what to expect. We advise you of your legal options and their costs, benefits, and likelihood of success, based on our extensive experience. And we give you the information you need to make clear and constructive decisions.

At Cope Litigation & Transactions LC, we want to calm your fears about the legal process and reassure you. But we don't believe in empty words, so we back our assurances up by empowering you with a thorough understanding of your legal matter.

Preparation, Strength, and Success

In the final analysis, it doesn't matter how much your lawyer knows, or how good he makes you feel about it, if he can't deliver the results you need. Divorce, like most other legal matters, usually ends in settlement rather than trial. However, we prepare every case as meticulously as if it were going to trial. We are skilled litigators, completely at home in the courtroom and prepared to fight there like gladiators in the arena.

That preparation and determination to do whatever is necessary for the best outcome is the reason we are often able to negotiate favorable settlements. Our opponents know we're not bluffing, and that if we have to try a case, we'll do what it takes to win.

We are committed not only to achieving excellent outcomes in court and in negotiations, but to doing so in an efficient, ethical, and cost-effective manner. We invite you to contact us to learn more about why we are the right law firm to help with your Missouri divorce, business, or real estate litigation matter.

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